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I am always so thrilled and touched when people decide they would like a custom Audrey Eclectic piece for their home and family. I take commissions throughout the year (you can find sample of a few of these portraits above) and love being able to provide others with family relics they can cherish for generations.

How a commission works: Usually, if the portrait is to be of real people, i will have you send me a photo (if available) of who I will be paintings. Full-face view is best and with a natural expression. One where they are just barely smiling or in a relaxed smile is best. From there I will have you list their true eye and hair color (photos can distort these hues), what colors you would like used in the painting, any particular meaningful quotes you might like added, a particular background, dress, etc. it will be tailored to your wishes and I will use as many of these specifications as possible when I sit down to paint.

Depending on the season and my show schedule, I estimate a time of 2-3 weeks to complete the portrait after having received your full payment. I do require full payment up front so that I can be certain to make my supply costs.

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to commissions. I have done traditional (and no-so traditional!) family portraits, child portraits and wedding portraits. I have even done portraits of imagined ancestors as well as portraits of book characters commissioned by the authors. Every project is a thrill!

5x7" petite beveled wooden plaque $45
7x9" Beveled wooden plauque $ 55
8x10" flat backed canvas: $65
8x10" traditional canvas: $70
9x12" Beveled Wooden Plaque: $75
12x12" Traditional canvas square: $85
11x14" Traditional canvas: $150
16x20" Traditional canvas: $250
12"x24" Wood Board with Wire Hanger:$150
24"x24" Wood Board with Wire Hanger: $200